Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an account ?

Account access is provided by system administrators from companies signed up to the Entrinsia Cortex software service. Each company using the Entrinsia services decides which of its employees should have access to the software and manages user sign up. Talk to your company’s system administrator to get access to Entrinsia Cortex. If you are a company looking to learn more about our solutions, send us an email at


How do I reset my password ?

Go to and click the Forgot Password button.


Is Cortex integrated with METRC ?

Yes, Cortex integrates with METRC. We show you the data to be uploaded to METRC and continuously submit the data to keep you up to date with all of METRC requirements. We also generate compliance documents, such as transport manifests and reconciliation worksheets.

Mobile App

What is Entrinsia Cortex Basic ?

Entrinsia Cortex Basic is a free companion app to the Cortex software platform and is available for both iPhone and Android phones. This app enables users to interact with Cortex from any location. The app provides notifications of issues, task assignment and tracks movement of goods. Remove the need for laptops and computers from grow rooms by using your phone to quickly record important information about feed cycles, plant health, location, and weight.