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Manage and monitor your operation from anywhere

Cortex Mobile is the FREE companion app to the Cortex operations management environment. This app allows you to monitor the environment in your cultivation rooms, check inventory, make changes to plant status, record harvests and automatically create all the records necessary for regulatory compliance.

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Cortex Helps You...

Monitor Environment

Whether you have a handful of plants or thousands, conditions in your grow environment make all the difference between a great crop and a bad crop. Our wireless sensors let you see conditions of your plants anywhere in the canopy without having to run dedicated wiring.

Manage Plants

Plant management is more than record keeping for regulatory compliance. It's how your skills create the best possible crop. Easily keep track of every plant so that you can continue tuning your craft and continuously produce great crops.

Send Notifications

Like to plan ahead? Schedule notifications in advance to be sent directly to employees phones. Are you an improviser? Send notifications out to your team at a moments notice.

Environmental Monitoring

Entrinsia offers a wide range of wireless sensors. From gas monitors such as CO2 to ambient temperature and humidity to soil moisture, our sensors provide you with a clear picture as to what is happening in your canopy during each stage of the growth cycle. Add our sensors to your curing room to ensure consistency between cures. All of the sensor data is encrypted and available on the same app which can manage tasks, people and materials in your operation. 


Plant Management

Plant management is a vital function in every cultivation room. Efficient capture of plant data leads to better crops and to maintaining regulatory compliance. The Cortex Basic app allows you to monitor and manage your crops directly from your phone. There is no need to carry a laptop around with you or buy additional equipment. Your phone and the Cortex Basic app is all you need to quickly and efficiently manage your crops.

Task Management

As your team grows, task management can become complex and time consuming. Things need to be done and they need to be done how you like them to produce the best posible crops and products. Simplify your task management workload by letting Cortex auto-assign employees to tasks based on performance. Enable all of your employees to receive tasks, complete tasks, and capture the data your business needs direct from their phones.

Cortex Basic encrypts all communications and never stores any of your business information on the phone. This means you can let employees use their own devices knowing your data is fully protected.

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