Reduce Your Risk with Remote Accessibility

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We are all navigating uncharted waters where working from home and having remote connectivity to your business are becoming an unfortunate reality for us to face. As one of the essential industries in California, cannabis operators are at the forefront of transforming their businesses with touchless technology, remote terminals, and integrated production management solutions to protect their employees. These capabilities can help you reduce costs while at the same time help you to continue to make a top notch product that is essential to the health and sanity of many during these difficult times of shelter in place orders and self-isolation.

As with any crisis, there are also many opportunities to rethink your business and take it to the next level. The question is, what are the best options for your business today?

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Touchless Technology

Cortex has always had the features described below with an emphasis in improving operational efficiency. In the current age of social distancing, these features can also help you protect the health of your team.

The COVID-19 virus thrives on any contaminated surface for hours or days without disinfectant. One of the best ways to protect your staff is to limit the number of devices and common surfaces that they have to touch to complete their jobs. In this regard, Cortex offers you many ways to improve the production of your team and limit what they touch at the same time. Here are a few examples.

  • The most common shared resource is the scale to weigh either plants or packaged goods. The Cortex scale gateway allows your existing scales to be wirelessly connected to the Cortex app on your employees own phones. This means that from their own personal device, a team member can weigh product without having to touch any button on the scale and run the risk of cross contamination from the scale surface. Also, since the Cortex app works on both iOS and Android devices, you don’t have to go out and buy tablets for your team. Another benefit is that the scales can be shared by multiple employees at the same time, and just by clicking a button on your mobile phone you can retrieve the weights from the scale, with no direct contact with the scale.

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