How to Run your Cannabis Business from your Phone

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On the go and don't have time to sit down? Handle everything you need from your phone.

We know that as cannabis business owners,  you rarely get the chance to run your operation from behind a desk.  That’s why in addition to our complete web based platform, our mobile app allows you to run your cannabis business from your phone! Heaps and mountains of METRC tags become a breeze to deal with, and there isn’t any typing needed.


How do we accomplish this? With permission and never without it, we use the camera on your phone to scan any kind of barcode, including METRC tags.

This makes individual feeds as simple as pulling out your phone, scanning the METRC tag, and selecting the additives.

For an entire room, simply scan the QR code associated with that room and select the additives.  All of the METRC applicable data is then uploaded automatically to our database, and then pushed to METRC.  Tagging your plants? Use our Bulk Tag system to scan any amount of tags into our system with the press of three buttons. 

Since almost everybody has a phone nowadays, we take advantage of our mobile app by providing it as a resource for you to alert your employees. Ping them when tasks like watering, trimming, packaging, or needs to be done, and when completed, you will get a notification confirming the task has been done.

The benefits of the mobile app don’t end there, nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with the obtusely designed METRC site.   That’s why we make it easy for you to complete METRC actions from our app! Accept external packages and send your own with ease.  If there are actions can only be completed on the METRC site (not in our control, sorry!) we will provide detailed instructions on how to solve your problem. Have METRC questions? Go ahead and give our compliance team a call, we have a full team of METRC consultants ready to speak to you. 

With all of the seemingly random numbers that METRC requires you to keep track of, it seems like an awful lot of work to collect all that data just to send it to the government.  All of that data, while insurmountably large can be incredibly useful for those in the cannabis business. By analyzing this data our system can provide optimization suggestions based on input costs and man hours used.  Keep an eye out for more about this in our next blog post!

Get in contact with us through Instagram, Facebook, Email, or phone to receive more information.  For the month of March we are offering free compliance visits!