3 Tips to Stay Compliant in the Wild World of Regulations

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3 Tips to Stay Compliant in the Wild World of Regulations

As a majority of the provisional licenses are expiring and the cannabis market matures, the state has issued a notice to some of our customers stating that they should be prepared for inspections at anytime in the new year. To make sure that you are operating as compliantly as possible, take a look at these tips gathered from our METRC experts experience on the field.

1. Tag as soon as you receive your plants

The best way to get organized and stay on top of operation is to tag early. We recommend that as you move plants into your grow rooms, you tag them immediately. If you’re tagging and keeping METRC data by hand, this can be a taxing process, so we recommend the use of a scanner to keep track of all those numbers. If you’re using a 3rd party METRC reporting software, it could be able to integrate with an RFID scanner to even further reduce the labor involved in tagging. Why buy a scanner when you could just use your phone? With the cortex mobile app, use your phone’s camera to scan METRC tags into your system.

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