Tagging your first METRC batch

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Picture this, you’ve been operating on your provisional license for a while now, and your renewal date is rapidly approaching.  You’ve heard, and seen, others in the cannabis industry hit with random state inspections that are detail oriented and result in license suspension or revocation.  Fearing the same fate for yourself, decide to get compliant.  

One day, filled with anxiety, you order METRC tags in a productive step in the right direction.  But when 2000 tags arrive on your doorstep and you realize all of the detailed information you must keep after watching the METRC seminar, your head begins to swirl.  “How can the 5 of us tackle tagging and tracking this round of 2000 plants, let alone the next batch!” you think .

Just recently, a partner and I went to assist a Micro Business to help them tag their first batch of plants.  While there, with three new users on our recently publicly released app, we tagged 600 of their plants in just about an hour.  How could this be possible? First we updated our systems with the specific brands and strains this operation was using. Next we input the plantings, which was done by scanning a planting tag on your mobile device, and entering how many plants you purchased.  From there the built in “Tag” workflow can be used. Here we scan a planting tag, select a room, and scan a METRC tag. This removes a planting from our allotted amount and adds a unique plant to our system. This function allows you to scan as many plants as there are plantings, up to 100 per batch! Now the tags simply need to be put on a plant in accordance to their rooms or zones. 

Now that your plants are in the system, we can take advantage of some of the other workflows designed to make your life easier.  The “Feed” workflow is particularly helpful to those keeping a close eye on their plants. Inputting water, fertilizer, or soil is tracked by the system and can be done in multiple ways.  If a whole room needs watering, or a specific zone, select it in the system and it will be applied to that specific batch of plants. If it’s just a single plant, scan that baby with the mobile app and its feeding session will be registered in the system.  Tracking this data can reveal interesting trends about your grow, like water usage around the room and unit cost of plants after additives. This information can influence your use of resources the next time around and save you time and money.

Workflows and mobile interfaces have the potential to simplify the lives of modern cannabis operators in a few simple steps.  But with every operation functioning in a completely unique way, a software is only useful if it fits your way of business. That’s why we emphasize that Cortex was built completely from the ground up for cannabis operators, meaning we can customize our product to your specifications.  As we learn about your process we can customize our product to fit how you organize your business. Pesticides and other additives can help plants grow when given in correct quantities, but too much and your plant could end up dead. To avoid this, give special permissions to some of the people in your organization so only those who are qualified can take care of it.  Have a specific system for how you want your plants organized? As long as you can draw it on a piece of paper, we can implement it