Cortex takes on NCIA CannaBiz Con

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​At the beginning of October, our team made the trek down from our home base in Sunnyvale, CA to Long Beach in order to attend the NCIA CannaBiz Con. At our booth, donned in our blue and white polos, we engaged with people from every corner of the cannabis industry. People showed lots of interest in our product, particularly with our integrated sensors, full historical tracking, and METRC integration. When talking with our representatives, they were pleased to hear that these features can help optimize business and save money and time.

Those involved on the cultivation side of the market showed particular interest with our integrated sensors, as they can provide insight to the health of your plants so you can adjust water, CO2, or lighting levels accordingly. Another hot topic was our integrated scales, which greatly reduce the manual data entry errors when trimming and weighing your product.

Manufacturers were interested in the custom workflows that could be created to match their production process. Detailed instructions ordered step by step can be sent to employees on their mobile devices so that your intricate recipe is not hindered in any way.

Distribution services took special interest in our tax and financial transactions that are generated as sales are made. Our automatically generated manifests and custom generated reports were also valued, as regulations are changing frequently.

While there we also sat in on a few seminars that pertained to the culture, growth, and value of the cannabis industry. One of the seminars that I sat in on had to do with scalability within the cannabis market. Two seasoned manufacturers sat on the panel and provided advice and guidance for those looking to grow safely and effectively in a volatile market. A topic heavily emphasized was the need to be able to adapt to new regulations as they are thrown at you. Both panelists gave examples where regulation changes sprung up unannounced right as they had made major packaging purchases for their product. These changes which made the packaging requirements more strict resulted in sizable financial losses as these major purchases were now obsolete with the new laws. For one of our panelists, who went out of his way to purchase special wood based lids for his product, it was an especially large hassle as he ordered new ones from specialized producers overseas to stay loyal to his branding. Because of these changes in this rapidly expanding industry, they recommended being ready to adapt when faced with new hurdles, whether they be production, regulatory, or compliance changes.

Another topic approached at the seminar was the necessity for cannabis advocacy as legalization continues to progress throughout the country. One of the panelists passionately explained the unique acceptance of cannabis culture within California combined with the large California economy means that we are on the front lines in terms of legalization and regulation. Unlike other states, in California medical cannabis has been legalized for over 20 years, and many of the social stigmas that plague other states are no longer prominent. Despite not being the first state to legalize recreationally, the influence and economic buying power associated with California means that all eyes will be on us as we begin to explore this market. This is a huge responsibility when we consider the social and economic implications nationwide legalization will have on our country. It also means that we need to fight for responsible, safe, and fair regulation and monitoring of the cannabis market, as states on the east coast are already being hit with seemingly aimless restrictions because of the lack of advocacy and understanding of culture.
CannaBiz Con was extremely educational for us as a company. We were able to learn about aspects of the cannabis market that we’re not involved in currently, but which could be applicable later on. We enjoyed meeting all of the guests who stopped by our booth, and began to make meaningful connections within the industry.