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Why pick Cortex?

Save time

Scan and upload thousands of tags to the METRC system in minutes.  We’ve incorporated the feedback of operators to create the most efficient system.  

METRC with ease

Cortex users can rest easy at night knowing that all METRC applicable data, feeds, moving plants, grow phases, are automatically uploaded to the METRC system every night.  

Optimize Efficiency

Track the data that you deem necessary to your operation. Cortex provides cost analysis and business insight that can help improve your operation.

Operate on the Go

The Cortex mobile app is the most robust on the market. Handle METRC actions, execute simple workflows, and monitor your operation all from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Comprehensive Support

With a full compliance team well versed in METRC regulations, we strive to offer comprehensive support to any issues your business may have.  

Guided Instructions

Right out of the box, Cortex comes with the most common workflows operators need, along with step by step detailed instructions.

Remote Access

Handle METRC actions, assign tasks remotely, send notifications, and receive updates as tasks are completed .  No need to be onsite to be hands on with your operation.  


We strive to provide the highest quality support to our customers, take advantage of our consultants to help streamline your operation.

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The Cortex Mobile App

The Cortex Mobile App allows you to handle pesky METRC interactions from your phone. It also provides notifications to employees, live dashboards of your inventory, and easy breezy scanning with your phones camera. Learn more below. ​

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